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With 12 years of expertise in power lithium batteries, ChamRider has gained the trust of customers worldwide. We have exported our products to over a hundred countries, demonstrating our commitment and dedication.

As a manufacturer, we possess extensive experience in research and development. Our prices are competitive, and with overseas warehouses in Asia, Europe, and the United States, we can offer factory-direct sales, ensuring that our products reach your hands quickly and at affordable prices.

Our dedicated technical teams, both online and offline, are spread across multiple countries, adhering to our environmental principles. We prioritize providing exceptional customer service and support to every individual, ensuring a personalized experience.

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Are you looking for business opportunities in a constantly evolving industry? Become a dealer for ChamRider, share our experience and knowledge in the bicycle industry, and help you establish a profitable business in a multi million pound industry.

ChamRider provides an excellent opportunity for those who share our vision and commitment to become leaders in bicycle sales, services, leasing, and accessories in your region. This is not just a company, we are looking for talents who are passionate about developing businesses, creating job opportunities, and having a positive impact on the local community.

We provide an overall blueprint to help you establish a store and service department, team training, and provide all necessary suppliers to ensure that you are always the first resource in the market.

Why Become a ChamRider Dealer

  1. The European market has recognized the convenience, economy, and health benefits of electric bicycles, and the market is expected to grow rapidly in the coming years. In Germany, sales of electric bicycles surged by 36% in 2018, reaching nearly 1 million units, while the country reached this number in the first half of 2019 alone.
  2. It is expected that the sales of electric bicycles will flourish in the next three years, with global sales expected to exceed 130 million units from 2020 to 2023, far exceeding the sales forecast for electric vehicles during the same period.
  3. The increasing demand for electric bicycles has been met by the new lightweight batteries, slender models that look almost identical to manual batteries, and the increase in subsidies for government funded cycling to work programs.
  4. Electric bicycles are also easier to charge than cars because they do not require special power sockets and can be fully charged within a few hours.
  5. ChamRider's business is based on excellent customer service and is renowned for its diverse bicycle options, repair shops, and rental facilities. Please contact us immediately to understand if your sales area is available and discuss the exciting opportunities waiting for you in the rapidly developing bicycle industry! Make this year your own boss and start enjoying the benefits of becoming a ChamRider agent.

How to Become an Agent of ChamRider

Experience in sales channels and customer networks in the field of electric bicycles.

Your company has been established for more than 1 years.

Having a strong confidence in the new energy and green technology industry.

Ability to establish cooperative relationships with electric vehicle manufacturers, retailers, and distributors.

Ability to conduct relevant market research and competitive analysis to develop effective sales strategies.

A minimum of $5000 in working capital.

Become an Agent of ChamRider

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Training Plan

  1. We hope to ensure that you can get started quickly when starting a new business. Therefore, as part of our agency program, we have designed a comprehensive practical training program that will teach you all the knowledge of bicycle batteries and provide you with the skills and professional knowledge needed to run your own business. We provide a dedicated support team for agents.
  2. You do not need any mechanical or electrical qualifications or skills to start engaging in this business, we will assist you in obtaining basic autonomy vehicle maintenance certification.
  3. Our training program will also provide you with new agency business opportunities to successfully develop business in the region, maximize sales, and cultivate all the skills and knowledge required to establish a loyal customer base.

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Contact: Lyla
Tel: +86 18002690639
WhatsApp: +86 18002690951

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Country: China
Province: Guangdong
City: Dongguan
Address:No.11, Zhifu Road, Xinhe, Wanjiang District