Folding Bicycle Battery 500W 1000W 13S2P 10S3P ChamRider 18650 SSE-129 STARFISH IV Brose Electric Bicycles Battery TranzX


1.Enhanced Bottom Mounting for Versatile Frame Compatibility: Embrace the freedom of adaptability. The STARFISH IV Battery features an upgraded bottom mounting system, ensuring compatibility with even the smallest bike frames. With this powerful innovation, you can confidently convert any bike into an electric masterpiece, regardless of its size or shape. ChamRider empowers you to unlock new possibilities.

2.Compact and Convenient with a Secure Handlebar: Embrace the joy of simplicity. The STARFISH IV Battery boasts a compact and lightweight design, making it easy to install and remove. With the added convenience of a secure handlebar, you can effortlessly carry and maneuver the battery, ensuring a seamless experience throughout your electric biking journey. ChamRider puts comfort and convenience at your fingertips.

3.Long Cycle Life for Enduring Performance: Embrace the power of longevity. The STARFISH IV Battery is engineered for exceptional durability, offering an extended cycle life. With this advanced technology, you can enjoy long-lasting performance, allowing you to embark on countless electric adventures with confidence. ChamRider ensures that your battery keeps up with your thirst for exploration.

4.Integrated GPS Chip for Positioning and Mileage Tracking: Stay connected, stay informed. The STARFISH IV Battery is equipped with an integrated GPS chip, enabling precise positioning and accurate mileage tracking. With this cutting-edge feature, you can effortlessly locate your battery and record your bike's travel distance. ChamRider keeps you in control, ensuring that every electric biking journey is tracked and remembered.

At ChamRider, we believe in empowering riders with cutting-edge lithium battery technology. The STARFISH IV battery combines unrivaled versatility, longevity, and connectivity, enabling you to customize your electric bicycle to perfection. Unleash your true potential with ChamRider – where power meets adaptability.

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