ChamRider Wheel hub Front motor 1000W Electric bike Motor Kit 250W ebike kit 500W ebike conversion kit electric bike kit MXUS


This kit comes with everything you need to convert your bicycle to an E-bike .Here's the packing list:

1.1 x Front Wheel

2.1 x Controller

3.1 x Controller Box

4.2 x Power cut-off Brake Lever / Sensor

5.1 x Thumb / Twist Throttle

6.1 x Display ( optional )

7.1 x PAS Sensor

Kindly leave comments in this format when place an order(without comments we regard as all defaul):

1.Brake:  a.Lever(default)/ b.Sensor

2.Throttle:  a.Thumb(default)/ b.Twist

3.  PAS: a. V12L(default)/ b. BZ-4 / c. BZ-10C / d.D12L07 250W15F 350W01F 500W39 500W39 30H 1000WBAFANG 350WThere are 4 options





There are 2 options

1. Power cut-off brake lever(default)

2. Power cut-off brake sensor

There are 2 optionswhen you choose set with display

1. Thumb throttle(default)

2. Half twist throttle

There are 2 optionswhen you choose set without display

1. Thumb throttle with on/off switch(default)

2. Twist throttle with on/off power lock

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